Artist Statement

A work of art is a compilation of histories, interests that have come and gone, the long legacy behind us as human beings.  Each piece of art spans a lifetime and then some.  What I'm doing with the flower shapes of the Paper Centers is going back, reaching into my personal cache, and pulling together lots of memories, lots of time lived, and that's my connection to the work.

Women's work, childhood experiences, flower imagery, art, crafts, sewing, all women's work that we've done from time immemorial, I'm channeling all of that.  There is evidence in this work of our collective history - the story of women's work that goes back to the beginning of time.  We are makers, whether we have given birth to children or not.  Women are tireless creators.  Our history does not hang in the walls of museums, with a few brilliant exceptions.  We embody our history in our hearts, minds, and hands.

My current interests are in the circle, the bud, the eternal rebirth of nature, and the connections among all people.  The current line of investigation is the power of the individual, individuals in groups, connectivity among individuals in groups.  All of these ideas are strengthened by the internet and social media.  The ability to put our selfies and our artwork on the internet amps up our status as individuals, at the same time allowing us to connect with like-minded people.  We can join groups, reconnect with old friends, stay in touch with new ones.  Emotional connectivity is necessary for survival.  Humans have never been able to survive alone, we are co-dependent, social creatures.  At the same time, we are alone, and need to connect to our inner selves to be able to live a balanced and complete life. 

Each of the multi-media artworks called Centers is a unique design, based on a real flower, but transformed into something new.  They are related to mandalas and can be used to focus on during meditation.  Each one exists as a single artwork and represents the individual, but they are all part of one idea, and look well together. 

The Mummers and Closeness are two related series of paintings that embody my ideas on community, relationship, and time. These two series show that various states of being are part of a unified whole: some flowers are buds, some are blossoms, some are hanging low in preparation for death.  Some of them are relating to those near them, others appear more isolated.  The flowers in Closeness are crammed up next to each other, yet they are positive paintings, as each one has its own shape and identity, contributing to an overall harmony.

This work represents an ongoing artistic investigation of using flowers as metaphors, and has been my practice for the last several years.  Taking the ideas further necessitates going back into my own history as an artist and as a female.  What is in my collection of memories, what have I been trained to do, where have my interests been?   Following these thoughts, and keeping open to the world today, my cache is a storehouse that gives me the insight and energy to create new ideas for art projects attuned to our current times.